A key in a door lock with a keychain of a house.SPRINGFIELD – Starting Jan. 1, requirements for affordable housing will be strengthened for municipalities throughout the state thanks to a law led by State Senator Ann Gillespie.

“This legislation represents a targeted effort to enhance our approach to affordable housing in Illinois,” said Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights). “By adding additional standards to existing requirements, we are encouraging a well-defined plan with clear goals and timelines.”

The new law amends the Affordable Housing Planning and Appeal Act, revising the definition of affordable housing to include the costs of any required parking, maintenance or landlord-imposed fees in rental units when calculating the amount of affordable housing in a given area. Local governments that are required to submit affordable housing plans must include benchmarks for new affordable housing developments and proposed timelines, along with a summary of actions taken to implement the plan.

Additionally, the law expands who may appeal a non-exempt municipality’s decision to reject a proposed affordable housing development to include a resident of an area where a development is to occur, along with affordable housing developers themselves.

“Residents should have a say in what’s happening in their communities, especially if it involves major developments,” said Gillespie. “This change will allow residents to participate in the decision-making process.”

Senate Bill 1476 goes into effect Jan. 1.