Senator GillespieSPRINGFIELD – State Senator Ann Gillespie (D-Arlington Heights) helped pass two government ethics measures today. The legislation strengthens statements of economic interests and creates a bipartisan commission to recommend where other ethics laws can be strengthened moving forward.

“These measures are starting a conversation on how we can regain public trust in our state institutions,” Gillespie said. “I am looking forward to hearing the commission’s recommendations on how we can take preventative measures against corruption.”

Senate Bill 1639 broadens the criteria for what must be disclosed on a statement of economic interests, requires the secretary of state to create a database of lobbyist contributions and statements of economic interests filed by state officials, and requires lobbyists to disclose their subcontractors.

House Joint Resolution 93 creates the Joint Commission on Ethics and Lobbying Reform. The commission will consist of 16 members appointed by legislative leaders, the governor, the secretary of state and the attorney general. Appointees must be bipartisan and no member may have been a lobbyist in the past five years. The commission will hold a series of public hearings to review ethics laws and make their recommendations to the General Assembly by the end of March 2020.

House Joint Resolution 93 takes effect immediately and Senate Bill 1639 awaits the governor’s signature.